August 15, 2011

Education and Human Resource

The low education in Indonesia is currently a boomerang in all aspects, namely that the amount of land that has potential as a source of income eventually exploited by the investors who invest in Indonesia because Indonesia has not been able to exploit its natural wealth independently. Precisely with this condition Indonesia became fertile ground for the investors who blatantly take advantage of low public education as a labors. Natural wealth and human resources are found to be unable to recycle themselves. The biggest indication is the knowledge of human resources is very low. Finally, Indonesia human being an easy target to suppress the ability of the development of neo-liberalism the mindset of society so that the country's vital assets can be conquered and human resource can be used with the lure of prosperity.

This education leads to low poverty. Because there are not as competitive human resource and employment by making use of containers creates natural resources available. Customarily correct when Indonesia is known as the low countries and the benefits of basic education only in terms of superior power. Only reasonable exploitation of the rampant and finally long tended to Indonesia will be back in the hands of occupying countries adi power. Shove off from it, there is a problem then there are the parties involved and responsible in giving solutions. Who else if not instead of the Government as a leader should have applied the leader. The questions have this reality to be restlessness together? What efforts has been formed to address the problem of "low education" of this nation. 


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