August 12, 2011


England unraveled is not due to an earthquake but because of the riots that swept England.Residents of London always called himself a Londoner living peacefully and has the most courteous tatak karma in the world with three words of the Galaxy which belonged to his "thanks you", "please", "sorry", kalou's Genesis as this word was missing only swear words only.The trigger was very modest indeed when the police shooting of Mark Duggan initially, but what is it that a trigger or other problems such as the wisdom of government David Cameron a lot of cutting social benefits, tuition increases, or a higher pengguran and other problems. Eventually make the population of London, amounting to approximately 7.4 million people were in action, although not all of them took to the streets, just a pity the police can not do much, because it's in the UK are very strict rules for the affairs of Aazasi Rights (Human Rights).

If English is part of the world's policeman why London police can not secure a restricted area covering London, when London alone can not secure, why are eager to secure Iraq, Afghanistan, and even call themselves want to be a policeman of the world, Go back to home


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