August 07, 2011


Death is a certainty.Every living thing that animate will die and return to God who gave us life. Death will come over to all living things and before the shuttle service by it we have to prepare a provision that the practice of the virtues that we prepare for the world. Nothing special in this lifetime. Living just postpone death. Just look around you, many people who live in luxury, wealth in abundance but whether it will all be brought to the grave, no friends everything will we leave to dust, only the body and the practice that once we used to do this whether good or evil that we carry the highest true face of God Almighty.So long as we live in this world do we serve? No, it's a naive mind, work and worship related. Someone's work but that he was looking for in accordance with the demands of the heart without hurting other people's hearts in search of sustenance.Our lives are just once and all living beings will be responbility for all the actions in the presence of God Almighty as long as they live in a world that is mortal. So working on and seek sustenance in accordance with your heart.


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