August 28, 2011

Theologist go to Hometown tradition

Clifford Geertz in his book, The Intepretation of Cultures (1973) that human social life can not get out of the network value and meaning of their own knitting. In other words, going home as well understood as a medium to rebuild the network of human solidarity and solidity of the natural and social environment they had been born. Through the go, they're knitting up that once existed in every human being. They would be recalling those times where the spell life, get to know nature around, identify yourself and others, as well as the memory of the face of people who used to give compassion.Go to Hometown also referred to as a moment to treat the top of longing for the community after a year overseas walked all over the city almost without a sleep. 

Although the homecoming tradition spend much money they had collected for a year but these traditions are still going to run. History will be recycled by those who stayed after school to my hometown, refreshed, and enlightened in order to give a new breath of spirit and the history of one year ahead. Rite continues to be repeated each end of Ramadan in the hope of obtaining the value of human nature again.

Theological message in a homecoming that is not less important is the relationship, namely kinship tie back. Capitalistic modernity that has trapped the modern man into a figure plucked from the roots of its history and sometimes cut off as a social creature, to be reminded again about the significance of building solidarity. Homecoming into the social valve to disconnect the city from his net as human beings anomaly, at least when in his hometown, they re-identify themselves and their environment.


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