August 14, 2011

Detachment 99

If we hear a special Detachment 88 or Detachment 88 must have been from the RI, If Police this Line 99, is how from the Police Detachment from her younger sister also or 88. It's not. Line 99 is the formation of the Youth Movement (GP) Ansar when Memorial day so Nahdlatul Ulama to 85 in Gelora Bung Karno Stadium. The number 99 is taken from the sum of the nature of God in the Asmaul Husna. The purpose of this Detachment formation, as reported by the official website of NU, to counteract the hardline Islamic movement and protect the creed of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama `ah of the group that is easy to do other Muslims infidels. "Detachment 99 as a prevention against groups that the name of religion and do radicalism Aqeedah. Detachment 99 will swepping places of worship in particular mosques, and schools indicated mushalla (like mosque but a little small) taught religion by force, "he said as quoted Nusron .

The Birth of Detachment 99 that somehow got the blessing of the NU as has sparked tension and mutual suspicion among Muslims. Many people identified a project engineering behind the war on terrorism that one way of playing among the Muslims through the birth of the internal Detachment 99. At some point we can agree that the violence in the name of anything should not be allowed. The question is whether the formation of militias as Detachment 99 has been so necessary to combat acts of terrorism? Or is there a political agenda which gave it birth? Is not violence is never finished when rewarded with the same thing especially if done by a party who has no authority?
The "terrorists" would assume that the Line 99 is abbreviated Detachment 88 who they consider have lapsed and clean his blood. Sheep like this on very worrying us all. Raw at each other and took fellow parishioners, mutually kill among civilians, destroy each other and places of worship houses of Muslims themselves.
How is it possible, just the fact that a person armed with a beard, veiled, cingkrang Wearing (limited ankle pants) , will not salute the flag, and sing Indonesia Raya, it is legitimate to conduct raids against them? This is due to Detachment 99 disaster that may occur.


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