August 13, 2011

The Price of Goods

ALMOST certain that an increase in the price of goods needs to be applied on a daily basis, such as by softeners and feast. One thing for sure is that the increase in the price skyrocketed encyclopedia without control that is not followed by an increase in salaries and incomes of the people. Goods Transportation needs and expenses will go up the public does as if the absence of Government function in the country. Entrepreneurs and distributors will be filthy rich by making consumers as the dairy cows on the feast of this without control the price of the Government.The increase in Rp. 1000 just means that every item has Triliyunan dollars profit they get with a population of 24 million more people of Indonesia. Government - mainly related parties - who are paid from public money each month, usually only given up on the symptoms and the phenomenon certainly applies in certain times of the absence of long-term action plan and the means. As regard as a fate that can not be avoided by the power of man.

If you look at the various scandals that plagued the State officials recently, is not excessive if we, as people assume "Maybe they are weak and lame in this case because the manufacturer has paid a sum of money is safe, employers have capitalize campaign money, the distributor has contributed to the apparatus , parties, officials and so forth, so they like the buffalo that pierced her nose that makes them agree to carry anywhere .. "It looks like consumer rights set forth in Law No. 8 of 1999 was all a mirage, lip service, said sweetener, trimmer lips and direct object without a clear implementation.

It is not wrong if many people assume that the Government was only able to say concerned or do various kinds of Hanky-Panky, imaging and transferability in facing various problems for covering up their failures and shortcomings in the exercise of the mandate of the Government are appointed and paid from public money in this


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