August 20, 2011


do you ever feel bored to do anything. which is in you is just sit idle or lying in bed. tired of watching porn, masturbation bored, bored sex, nudity glare bored, bored with everything that comes with activity. Why did we ever get bored? Do we ever ask what's going on, what's wrong with us, who were bored, we know just bored. Bored one day someone will come over if you do the job alone.Tired of a fairness that exist in human beings, so do not panic just relax, look around their high activity will also be bored. so you do not own a lot of people out there luck with your bored, maybe you are lucky not to end your life because of boredom with life. If you get bored already peaked go from where you are looking for a new life or a place you've never seen, looking for a challenge that triggers your adrenalin such as whitewater rafting. If you still feel tired you should consult with a psychiatrist before you end your life


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