August 12, 2011

Suicide Attempt

Suicide has become the major cause for death all over the world. Several factors contribute to the increasing number of suicide attempt in every country: Population, Sex and age, Socio-Cultural, Socio-technology expansion, available methods of suicide and intervension efforts. Suicide is an aggression action to ruin body and causing oneself to lose life.Suicide is serious problem in community health and psychiatric emergency situation because the patient is under high pressure and use maladaptive coping. However suicide atteempt is preventable.

Why does someone commit suicide?
economic difficulties or job loss is one of the dominant factor among the factors supporting someone willing to commit suicide. In this capitalism-paced life economic indeed difficult, they need to put money especially now that the nominal value of money no price than the price of basic daily needs, not to mention the school fees for children that's why the all-round economic crush hard to trigger one's end his life in the world.


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