August 02, 2011


Unwittingly, how much food that has been entered into our bodies, whether we know that we get food, halaal or haraam. We as human beings are at the elevate is on this Earth by God, sometimes we violate the restriction, being a slave to the stomach as well as satisfy the stomach without remembering the restriction. The pleasures of food that we get to be the source of our character and lifestyle in the human eye. In the book series managed there is the theory of "motivation" authored by Abraham Maslow, who said, that if the stomach is hungry, who feel hungry, not only around the stomach. But the rest of the human senses, he said. Therefore, humans who felt his stomach hungry, no longer able to control himself, and then eat just about anything. But, now that become "slave" belly that is not the man who is hungry. They are a slave to a man's stomach is full, and in fact has been lost with the whisper of the devil. If humans had become slaves to the stomach, certainly the person will seek enjoyment of the world, could even be a sex slave as well, especially if a lot of money and also because it earned a full stomach is not in the way of Allah SWT. Try around us, in big cities, how many there have been affairs, exchange partners, sex party, they all have been defeated and subdued his knees in front of Satan without fear of torture and painful punishment inflicted by the Almighty GOD.Therefore God Azza walla gives the instrument a fast in Ramadan, so that man can beat and detain stomach desires. Save the humans in order not to become "slave" belly and holding our stomach desires so that we avoid the disaster of various diseases Only eat kosher food. Not to eat unclean foods.


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