August 20, 2011


Learning is not just a fact of life in school only gives us a real lesson, we forge so brave and strong in the face of a wide range of issues we either fall in or our failure over the world as the winner so do not be too proud of the degree that we have not necessarily to the degree we can achieve our dream since we were kids. Success  is not impossible though sometimes beyond human reasoning. Sometimes we said to others or even ourselves, "Do not fancy too high, because if you were not able to achieve your imagine, you'll be sick because of a fall". But again history proves, when we think outside of reason but with full conviction, that conviction which will lead us to realize expectations. Remember the story of Thomas Alva Edison .. World's leading scientists in Drop Out of school, in the first 3 months of learning time in elementary school ....? Before managed to find a light bulb, he just thought 'Want to light up the world'. In fact he never referred to as a madman with his thought that is not logic. But in fact, we now feel the benefit of his crazy ideas. Think about it "I believe I can fly" even though we do not have wings. Even if you fail, you are much better than those who do not want to try at all


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