August 11, 2011


Waste or rubbish is waste or debris resulting from the disposal of garbage or chemicals from factories. Waste or rubbish is also a material that does not mean and worthless, but we do not know that the waste could also be something useful and beneficial if processed properly and correctly. Waste or waste can also mean something that is useless and thrown away by most people, they regard it as something useless and if left too long then it will cause disease when the waste properly then it could make this garbage becomes economical objects.

Pollution is a gas that can harm derived or generated by the smoke from both motor vehicle fumes and fumes from the combustion of certain factories. Rarely do we encounter road conditions that clean without any pollution from motor vehicle fumes. Pollution can also cause disease, because the pollution was contained in a virus-virus diseases that can endanger our health. Many residents have complained because of the pollution, even today there is no effective way to deal with pollution, as more and more people today are driving a motor vehicle so that the more fumes are generated and it will cause air pollution.


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