August 20, 2011

The social aspect of Fasting

Not only humans, it turns out the animal and plants even 'understand' the significance of fasting. They feel the need to fast to motivate yourself in order to maintain its viability. During the incubating eggs, for example, chickens must be fast in order to breed. Similarly snake, fasting serves to maintain the structure of the skin to stay protected from harsh sun and thorns until he was still able to crawl on the earth. In fact, caterpillars eating the leaves too fast, otherwise it's no longer a butterfly and flowers pollinated. Fasting is not just a hold of everything that is harming themselves or others, but rather reflect on themselves to coexist with others in harmony, destroy social jealousy, as well as immerse yourself with an attitude of mutual respect with the weave of life in the community, as well as to train yourself to always be sensitive to the dynamics of social life. 
When the flow is experiencing the collapse of socialism in Europe, unable to change, add, and cut down his stomach. They, no doubt the socialist view fasting as "the only socialist system is the most unique and this is precisely the most correct". How not, fasting is the indigence by 'force' which is determined by the Shari'ah to all people of religion (Islam) indiscriminately. Islam views human beings are equal, especially about the "belly". Those who have property, or who have little money, or people who dispossessed a dime, still feel the same way, hungry and thirsty. If prayer is able to remove the image of the arrogance of individual human beings are obliged to Muslims, pilgrimage to erode the differences in social status are required for a capable, then the total indigence fasting is aimed at knocking human being cautious of human sensitivity to the method amaliah (practical), that the true life is how to define life itself. And the life it will reach that perfect if humans have in common sense. Humans reached the degree of perfection when also felt the pain sensitivity, not scrambling to vent all forms of lust.


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