July 26, 2011

Free Sex

Free Sex for teens is not a taboo anymore, but it has often been done.During this time, called sex, on the basis of religion and civilization, is sex with one man after the marriage. Sex outside of marriage is often associated with free sex with barbaric actions, indeed control, human beings have got desperate and culture.free sex is not only caused by high levels of libido, a new generation of puberty, but also as a result of errors in translating the meaning of love between others. This is the result of a lack of education in the family, as a result they find their own identity out there and think this is the most perfect.the influence of media is also so great with a very easy site access porn sites without the filter. sehinnga do not be surprised if the youth is now being embraced free sex. Virgin will not be considered again with a drop of blood, so, not just sexual lust, but the controls and laws are part of the instinct as well. For this reason, such as the continuing control and law in human life, sex naluritas should also receive attention. But the emphasis in human life today is the control and the law will lust sex. As if the control and the law is irrational. Thus, the control and the law can master more than lust and sex. The result is a rigid regulation of sex-paced and involves a moral condemnation of the offenders.


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