July 04, 2011

Religion as a Peace

During this time, understood as a doctrine of peace in the skies that have only God. God referred to as the creator of peace, while the humans are at war and destined for hostile. Ironically war or Jihad is considered as the most authentic God's command to solve humanitarian problems. On the one hand, God is symbolized as a bearer of peace, but on the other hand, the Lord also teaches in the war. Ironically, the doctrine of peace is regarded as the final day, on peace in the describe as paradise while the world is considered only a game that always ends with a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of moral and ethical crisis. World is considered as a stain and sin.This understanding encourages us view as a utopia of peace, illusion and dream. The doctrine of peace  embraced the doctrine that in every religion who must be implanted to each individual. So that every individual lives in peace and understanding diversity. Religion is no longer at war, no longer hate each other and hostile to others. Increased violence is so high in social life should be viewed as a valuable lesson for people of religion, that religion has not been functioning optimally to quell the violence in this world. Every minute, seconds and even hours of Murder, Rape, War, Kidnapping always the case. Because humans do not appreciate and uphold the religious affiliation in implementing the demands of religion as a bearer of peace and just indulge in the passions alone.The spirit of peace should be a culture that adorn their daily lives. Every individual, family, community in a variety of ethnic, ethnicity, race, religion, as far as possible to bury all forms of doctrine contrary to the values ​​of peace. Violence and conflict must be rejected and on about whatever the cost to be issued because of violence and conflict is not the core of religious teachings. Every religion should express the teachings of peace for peace on earth. As represented the message conveyed by Ibnu Rushd: If you get the truth from those of different religions be ye thankful. Conversely, if you get errors and mistakes, forgive and let you fix it. May we include people who always wanted peace and maintain it remain on this earth.


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