July 26, 2011

Small People

The small people's lives are increasingly pressed for and received no place anymore, but only discussed as a sweetener the speech. In fact, the people's interests are often sacrificed for the sake of small gains economically. More country no matter with the suffering of its people. The elites become insensitive to the suffering people of the small living of Sorrows. The elites only consider his personal interests and profits solely. In an atmosphere like that corruption is constantly performed with a variety of ways. Corruption has been holding joints of our national life.We live in a country which is very ironic. The country with abundant natural wealth but not enjoyed by the owner. Thus most of the wealth of our nation enjoyed a foreign nation. All happened because of the behavior of the elite who's only interested in short-term profits. As a result, we are like the chicks die in the barns. Famine watch wealth stolen by a variety of ways. Consider the wealth of oil and natural gas, coal, orchards, forests, and more. People just enjoy some very small from the management of it all.  This is what makes the face of this bleak future. We lose hope and ideals together as a nation. We are dealing with the reality of the increasing number of people who are pessimistic and even despair with the concerned government working alone imaging. All policies and programs designed for short-term interests and profits elite. Economic growth are proud in fact did not bring significant changes to people's lives, especially those in the bottom layer. We missed the elite and leaders of this nation which together shoulder to shoulder to elevating the people, to build this nation unconditionally. Leaders who truly understand the pain of his people and helped as much as possible. Not a leader who is always dodging the suffering of the people who happen.


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