July 24, 2011

City Bus

Bis this one used most of the economic community of the middle to bottom, with fares are very cheap to economics which pas pasan. This bus brought passengers as well as many students, students and even students. Sometimes to srumble seat between one passenger with passengers more than we have to stand it so happened a day day if passengers so dense. That's not enough, the scent of sweat mixed diffuse into a single city bus in the rush but want to tell you if anything because it is cheap to the economic cost of secondary down no problem. Sexual abuse often occur when passengers are dense, let alone rush because indeed there are no barriers between women and men so that women and men are mixed into one. Not rarely the ladies if you see a bus overcrowded wouldn't ride because it was too risky but there is also a reckless is usually due to late arriving at the place of destination. Sometimes the women are standing in a city bus that did not get a seat at risk of sexual abuse treatment received, usually there is a feeling of the breasts, holding even squeezing her ass.Sexual harassment not only alone but pickpocketing is also often occur when passengers unaware of this also occurred when the passenger bus crowded city. Generally, a stolen wallet, handpone. Passengers were conscious of himself in the pickpocket when it is up to the place of destination. The pickpockets generally do not work alone, they are flocking to target prey, and if it is able to prey usually say they will bring their prey and other friends who are behind expertly sikorban immediate action and did not know that the wallet was gone, when the bus stopped them right down and The next bus ride.Rumble One That often happens in Bus, but what would the word, it is hard to be poor people everywhere have to ride the City Bus


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