July 27, 2011

Mother's milk is of All Life Benefits

it is no exaggeration if breast milk is said to be God's gift to human life. Not only serves as a food early in life, study science even find something more remarkable about the Mother's Milk of child growth. Breast feeding mothers will be ensured by improving the quality of life of women because it increases the quality of human life begins with awareness and knowledge of the mother towards her baby. many of the benefits of breats milk that can reduce the possibility of women attacked by several types of cancer who had been stalking a women's life.
Discuss the bebefits of breastfeeding and breast milk for are endless. Even more the various studies conducted, all conclude the same fact, that is useful for both parties. Not only that, for a country that cares and focus to handle this problem, the guarantee will reap the sweet fruit in the future with the birth of the next generation who is more qualified and competitive in the international world


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