July 07, 2011

Human being and environment

Something is changing on a part of man in the looking and acting against nature. Humans as Caliph on earth should have wisdom based on religion or belief and values his life. Human beings, other living beings, and the place (Habitat) where humans live, interact and mutually trustworthy human by the the creator (Allah Swt) as khalifah on Earth (Qur'an 2 (30). Humans were given credence because humans have a knowledge that comes from the ability to think (ratio) so that it capable of taking good decision to safeguard the mandate it. This paper is expected to give rise to an awareness of how we actually named faith or the mandate to keep the universe that would mandate that should we cover well in both the world an in the herafter. Human beings have been created as the mostperfect of all beings who exist in the world, but the perfection it could turn out to be the most despicable creatures and lower than the all being there (Holy Quran, 95 (4-5). When we realize about the fuction and purpose of human life in nature, then the world of life on the Earth will run as-is and we feel comfortable in it.


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