July 15, 2011

A Degree

A degree or title given to a person for his efforts in working on something, so he considered worthy of earning a degree. Get something certainly not easy, there must be efforts and struggle but sometimes no less that reach all the way to obtain what a desire so that something is no longer an obstacle, the pursuit of seeking the wrong way is not to find the right way, we often hear a Word where the word is already cheating exists even when sitting on the bench Elementary School (ELEMENTARY) "prohibited cheated" that's the words that are often heard by Elementary School students when face exams.Degree obtained should be the enforcer the confidence to create something meaningful to yourself and others compared to pursue something, knowledge gained while sitting on the bench right up to the kindergarten classes should be used properly, so that the graduates scholars can be more productive and proactive. Despite many failed does not mean having to give up, perseverance and good at fixing errors of each failure is a major key to achieve success.


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