July 02, 2011

Is it Wrong to Love Yourself

If the meaning of Love we understand, would love to be shown at the expense of oneself when the option to save yoursefl open so wide? Thus, whether the sacrifice yourself this brings benefits for many people? Or lest these action, thus inspiring others to defend and die together? Last action is not a manifestation of compassion. Love is not something that is blind. Love is not loyalty without thinking. Love is not againts the laws of physics and opted to stay alive amidst the hot as anything. Love does not mean sacrificing yourself to useless. Real Love is an action that always begins with loving yourself. In fact, the real love of self is the basic for loving others. When we think that the love of others at the expense of oneself, the real action is quite troublesome to true love. How might be able to love others if we have lost their own lives? Wouldn't life be more helpful if he save himself and then to save others? The biggest mistake in understanding you are assuming that loving yourself is not important. That loving yourself is a form of selfishness. And that we must love others above ourselves. This concept is often considered a beautiful and noble concept. However, this concept is misguided and would even be difficult Act of love itself. Not only that, this concept is precisely contrary to the natural laws of love.

Love yourself totally contrary to love when we love and selfishness so that we can be more altruistic. A pilot needs to love himself by maintaining his health, adequate sleep, and eat nutritious food. It is important that the pilot can serve everyone in a better flight. Reduce the rest because of busy work that is so high in fact would endanger the safety of all passengers.

So, in true formula of love: love yourself ahead of loving others. Therefore, people who love others before loving him would be difficult to carry out his love. Because, how can we give power to others when we are powerless? Of course, there are in this world people that we call self-centered and selfish. They are the ones who love him solely for himself not for others.

However, if we're selfish in order to serve others with better, it is the Act of his Majesty, an embodiment of the sense of love and loyalties. 


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