July 05, 2011

about breast

The breast is one of the crown for the Eve. Parts pf the body this one is the sexual organ became the obsession of men. Not a few of the stunned, intrigued or surreptitiously view just to look at him. While women are very protected and very few are willing to show part of the crown. Breast for women is a charm for her, Many men are mesmerized when they see a women's breast and even swallowed, it should say very beautiful and even worse to fancy anyone can enjoy these plump breast. Most Women look at her breasts as the identity of her sexsual, more than just a mirror fashion or other members of the body. Women also take advantage of her crown as her personal emblem of even excess holding, let alone the size of her breast of the other female bust excess, is a pride for her sometimes also women prefer to show the upper body (Breasts) rather than the lower body (Vagina) as well as on the position of sex, women are more to tend like Women on Top because they can show off her breast during sexs.


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