July 14, 2011


When humans are born into the world of the womb of a woman (mother), to become adults, and when man is living the life by contributing to meet the needs of human life has done the job. And the work is sometimes not in accordance with what is expected, that's the reality of life. But the reality now many people consider it a job only in the office and looked at jobs such as shoe polish, tire, or construction workers with contempt, then why do we assume high people working in the office or company, Do people who work in the fields, a construction worker was not work, not cleaning the highway is also a job, everyone has their own job is in the office, the company, in the fields, a construction worker. Now we have to appreciate the work done as long as everyone is positive not a bad thing.In this life we ​​are in demand to do good for mankind, regardless of their status in our eyes, whether they work in the office or not, we should take the positive side, they may not have a place to work in an office or company, but the contribution we are positive their  towards.


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