July 01, 2011

Why is VCCT Important

Voluntary confidental and counseling testing (VCCT) is process where individuals are counseled to make their informed choice about testing. It will help those who are HIV positive to plan for their future and those who are HIV negative to avoid the infection. A key reason for the spread of HIV and AIDS is the stigma associated with behaviors that are often linked to HIV infection, such as sexual activity and drug use. Most people who are HIV positive in Indonesia are unaware of their infection. Others may not want to admit it or talk openly about it. Some levels of goverment and others institutions continue to fail to fuly acknowledge the existence and impact of HIV and AIDS. High risk behavior such as unprotected sex with many partners are denied in many communities, but they happen nevertheless. Condoms are often unpopular, not always easy to access, and people may have difficulty using them. Other high-risk behavior to HIV exposure are using non-sterile injecting equipment and transfusin with infected blood. Cultural barrier and beliefs have also made topic taboo in many circumstances, particularly where the community is seen as largely religiously conservative


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