July 01, 2011

Change of Behavior

As invidu, we change our behavior online through the various stages. These stages include : Unconscious, Becoming aware, Motivated to try anything new, Adopting a new behavior and Maintain an live up to the new behavior so that it becomes part of your daily habits and behaviors. We should be aware that certain behaviors may not be healthy for us or for kids. Then we learn that there are other options or alternative behavior. After that we decided to try the new behavior. If we feel satisfied and profitable new behavior then we will do it again. Finaaly maybe we'll adopt it. After that it may just be promoting it to others. Learning a new behavior to follow a cycle that begins awareness, trial and repetition. For example a father may be in coaxing by a local religious to have the child sleep with use of Insecticide treated mosquito net. Then realize that these nets to prevent mosquito bites, so that their children protected from Malaria. Later he became an advocate for sleeping in insecticide-treated nets, and share his experience to friends and encourage them use bed nets as well. Sometimes people who seems to have adopted the new behavior will be refused and returned to his old behavior. As an example for a father who has previously promoted the use of insecticide-treated ntes. Now beginning to think that it is very troublesome, untill finally he and his family decide to stop using bed nets. Actually, back to old behavior can endanger the health of their families. To ensure the sustainability of new behaviors that benefit children and families in need of communication strategies and sustainable development. This includes using a variety of messages and methods to support sustainable changes to society and families continue to adopt changes in behavior.


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