July 17, 2011

What are wet Dreams and Masturbation

"Oh, Why it is wet?"
As mentioned before, male adolescents prodoce sperm, and everyday. Sperm can be drained off through the process of "ejaculation", i.e. expelling of sperm through the penis. Ejaculation could happen naturally (without consxiousness) through eroctic dream, which are called "wet dreams"

The expelling of sperm can also happen when a male adolescents stimulated his genital. This activity is called masturbation. Masturbation is touching, instigating and groping the sensitivity of the body. It brings enjoyable feelings achieved by an orgasm and the ejaculation. Masturbation is often conducted by male adolescents, but female adolescents can do it as well. If men can have masturbation by groping their penis, women can do it by touching their clitoris. Medically, masturbation will not disturb health. But some adolescents who have strong religious feelings may feel guilty and pessimistic, because of doing something disapproved by religion or cultural ethics.


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