July 06, 2011

Religion in Corruption

All religion that exist in this world and it's adherents agree that corruption is an unlawful act, since depriving the rights of others or the state. Cause public suffering and destroy the social system that exist within government and community. That's why religious family must be inculcated early on to the children to always behave honestly and well. Since kids are teaching ban on the stealing or taking the rights of others. Even parents do not hesitate to punish his son is caught stealing even the slightest. That corrupt conduct is misconduct that should be avoided. As a family that has wealth and position, of the corrupt feel pround and honored. They were honored due to the treatment of social respect and appreciation to him. Like wise man say Wealth is like sugar that is always sorrounded by ants. This condition a corruptor often feel complacent as if forgetting his action which at any time in reconnaissance by law. Life of luxury with bodyguard always protect wherever go and prepared commands, often making the corruptor was strong and they can buy everything with money. But as an ordinary human of course everything is not purchased with the money. As a Human being, we certainly believe every action there must be thanked. Therefore we believe that no matter how small the evil deeds away from God's law. Human law may be in played by the power and strenght, but not with law of God. If the corruptor is not the law in the world, will be punished in the afterlife as a place to return all the deeds fro the acquisition of the world. Thus, what is the pridr of wealth and power from the proceeds of corruption, in fact only false pride and honor.


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