July 06, 2011

Happy Family

The family is the smallest unit of society that consist of family heads and some people gathered and lived in a place under one roof in a state of mutual dependence. The family consists of father, mother and brother and sister is where we get to know each other. So before we get an adult to coming the world of alienated for us to get know the big world. In our family also teach how to appreciate each other in and respect for others especially older than us. Usually in the family father and mom always guide us before entering adulthood, What matters is not to be and shouldn't be done, what impact for us and everyone. Also in the family parents give the responsibility if we are able to execute it, usually if someone is mature and can understand what it is the responbility given to him. From this a little family we all learned before we go the another science more broadly if we go up and entering the big world. So give thank's to our families, especially fathers and mothers we have to keep, protect, teach and even care for us until we are to be young man.


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