July 10, 2011

Justice Mafia

The judge is one of the pillars of law enforcement agencies in addition to the Prosecutor and the police. And when pilar was never separated from the issue of corruption and bribery. It's no secret anymore if the judicial mafia is still ongoing. Judges, prosecutors and the police and help with litigation lawyer ogle Coquet. The law can be steered in accordance with skenarion.Who is wrong can be the winner of the innocent and otherwise can be used as a loser. So neat and organized their games, so little is revealed in the community, if anything is revealed, is due to chance alone, or a fancy word being unlucky.In the practice of law enforcement should be at the start of the three pillars of the law. If they are not immune to the bribe, the law would automatically erect. But if they have an interest in practical so easy to compromise, the law must also be bent. The state is the state law, anyone who violates the law should be sentenced in kind by the deeds done. Conversely, anyone who is innocent, must be free.


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