July 10, 2011

Disaster Management

Currect research of the earthquake and tsunami or other disaster-related nature, be it natural phenomenon is growing rapidly after the great earthquake that caused Tsunami 2004 Andaman strikes that sweep the region of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. The earthquake and tsunami issue become very trendy. Unfortunately when we're too concentrating on one thing and then ignore even forgetting anything else that is actually more important and immediate in the search for a solution. There are some natural disaster that frequency is more common and cause casualties and economic impact taht eluded such as flood and landslides. both of them incidentd are usually caused by human activity it self a ilegal logging only personal interests without thingking about consequences thereof.

To see the disaster management as a community we hope the reduction in the interest of the victim's life and property losses. And most important of these is the disaster management is a concrete step in controlling the disaster so that victims do not we hope can be saved quickly and precisely and efforts for disaster recovery can be done with as soon as possible.

Controls it starts with building the critical awareness of the community and the Government over the issue of natural disasters, creating a total repair process for disaster management, the affirmation for the birth of local policy which is based on local wisdom in the form of rules and regulations in the area of nagari managed disaster. That is not less important in the management of this disaster is the socialization of kehatian-hatian especially in the area of disaster-prone.


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